Matt uses a 6×10 trailer and standard pickup. His maximum capacity is limited to what will fit in both the truck and trailer in one single trip. His maximum available time for any job is 4 hours.

Moving/Delivery Jobs

No items over 100lbs.

Matt charges $30.00/hr (Flat Rate)

There is a 1 hour minimum for jobs in Langley, and 2 hour minimum for jobs outside of Langley. Jobs are rounded up or down to the nearest half hour (example: 1 hour and 12 minutes will be charged for 1 hour, and 1 h100_0530our and 22 minutes will be charged for 1.5 hours).

Junk-removal jobs (in which there is a disposal fee)

Trailer Rates: Matt charges $25.00 for up to ¼ trailer load, $50.00 between ¼ and ½ a trailer load, and $100 between ½ to a full trailer load.

Truck Rates: Matt will charge $15 up to ½ truck-bed load, and $30.00 between ½ to a full truck-bed load.

Please feel free to contact for any clarification.

Odd Job Matt reserves the right to decline a job if request and description surpass parameters of business model.